This project was created during my final graphic design class. Our project brief required us to create a brand for a specific industry.  We then had to proceed in designing a complete brand identity along with one event for the company. The industry I was assigned was male grooming.  I conducted extensive research online about the industry such as market share, current leading brands, typical target audiences, etc.  I also asked some friends what products they used and why through Instagram. Natural Mane was the result of this research.  Natural Mane is a male grooming brand that is dedicated to helping men keep their beards clean and well kept. The brand is sleek in style, affordable for the average customer and provides comfortable-to-use products. The event I chose for this company is called "Beards and Beer".  This event allows men to come try out the products while relaxing and enjoying a cold beer.  I chose this type of event because I felt it reached my target audience the best.

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